(with prescription)

Noble Formula Rx is the best solution we know to FLAKING SKIN, regardless of cause (i.e. psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.). Noble Formula Rx is simply Noble Formula, to which a local compounding pharmacist has added clobetasol, a corticosteroid, to a .05% level. This is the concentration of clobetasol in U.S. products such as "Temovate®". This compounded formulation is available in NF spray or cream, or NF-S spray.

Noble Formula Rx is used for the treatment of those difficult skin conditions, which require a more potent medication for clearing. Many of our clients have reported dramatic results, even when previous medications, including potent corticosteroids, used alone, have failed to work. In fact, 96% of our clients report that Noble Formula Rx in sprays or cream provide relief within weeks; sometimes within 3-4 days! This enhanced product requires a doctor's prescription and supervision. Each order is compounded and labeled for individual use. Many insurance companies will reimburse your purchase.

Noble Formula Rx is not a manufactured product. Noble Formula Rx is compounded only upon individual order, when prescribed by physician prescription. The pharmacist labels it with instructions for individual use, as prescribed by your physician.

Important note on ordering Noble Formula Rx:

To order Noble Formula Rx you must have a physician's prescription for it. We will not fill any order without the prescription in advance. You may fax, or mail us your prescription. If you are a returning customer with an expired prescription, or have no refills left, we can fax your doctor for a refill or a new Rx with your permission. If you need help, please call us toll-free at 888.469.7546, or you may contact us by filling out the form on our "Contact Us" webpage.


NF rX Cream (prescription required)

Noble Formula-Rx Cream is basic Noble Formula Cream to which a compounding pharmacist has added clobetasol to .05%. This compounded Rx Cream requires a doctor's prescription and supervision. Each order is compounded by a pharmacist and labeled for individual use, as prescribed by your physician. The combination of unique ingredients in Noble Formula Cream and the corticosteroid clobetasol create a synergisitc action with results that exceed the action of either product alone.

Noble Formula-Rx Cream is well tolerated on sensitive areas of the skin, and is ideal for applying to small areas. After discontinuance, symptoms may recur within weeks to months. Always have additional product on hand to promptly suppress symptom flare-ups.

Available in a 4 ounce jar.

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NF SPRAY (Prescription Required)

Noble Formula-Rx is serious medicine and requires a presciption from your physician.

Noble Formula-Rx is for those difficult cases of itching, flaking, scaling and inflammation, which do not respond to the basic Noble Formula Spray or Cream. The spray contains alcohol and may sting sensitive areas. Noble Formula-Rx is recommended for skin or scalp. Improvement is often seen withing two weeks and sometimes in just a few days!

Noble Formula-Rx is a treatment, not a cure. After discontinuance, symptoms may recur within weeks to months. Always have additional product on hand to suppress symptom flare-ups.

Noble Formula-Rx Spray comes with a fine mist sprayer for ease of application to most areas of your body. Included with all Noble Formula Sprays is a fine tip nozzle for application to your scalp.

Noble Formula-Rx Spray is available in a 4 ounce bottle, with a fine mist sprayer.

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Noble Formula-S-Rx (Prescription required)

Noble Formula-S-Rx is the Noble Formula-S Spray with the prescribed addition of the corticosteroid, clobetasol to .05%. Salicylic acid, an ingredient of Noble Formula-S, is one of only two ingredients approved by the FDA specifically for non-prescription treatment of psoriasis, and provides patients with a "quick-strip" effect for heavily scaled areas. Along with the unique ingredients of Noble Formula, this combination of salicylic acid and clobetasol may provide patients with a faster resolution of symptoms. Avoid use on sensitive areas of skin. In case of irritation or other adverse reaction, discontinue use. Do not use if allergic to aspirin.

Noble Formula-S-Rx is available in a 4 ounce bottle with a fine mist sprayer. Not available in cream.

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My results have been wonderful. Major clearing on arms, legs, back & buttocks are not as itchy. I have moderate to severe psoriasis.


I have been suffering severe eczema on my lower lags for the past 7 years. Everything I've used OTC has "helped" for a couple of days, and then it starts to act up again. I got my first delivery of this not even two weeks ago. A small outbreak I get on my upper arm is already gone, completely. My legs look 100X better, and within the next week or two I believe the bad spots should be healed up.


NF-Rx This is the only thing that has worked! Thank you so much.


NF Rx: This medication has given me the use of my hands again, without it they would start to crack and bleed again.


Cleared my shins completely in a few weeks.


Limitations & Precautions

No Noble Formula product is a "cure" for any condition. Symptoms may recur within weeks to months. Always have additional product on hand to suppress recurrent symptoms.

The spray products contain alcohol and should not be used on open or sensitive skin. Avoid the eyes with all products.

Noble Formula-Rx, compounded by individual physician prescription with a corticosteroid, while usually well tolerated, may have serious health consequences, especially if not used as directed. Some known, though unlikely, risks include: mild to a severe flare-up of the underlying disease on initiation or discontinuance, development of tolerance to the effects of steroid, skin thinning, striae ("stretch marks"), easy bruising or acne-like eruptions. Use of product over long periods of time, over large areas, under occlusion or in children, will increase the risks of systemic absorption including disruption of normal endocrine function, Cushing's syndrome, elevated blood sugar, gastric ulcers, psychosis and other disorders. Such systemic effects are rare and usually, but not necessarily, reversible.

Any adverse effect suspected to result from the use of any Noble Formula product should be promptly reported to your health care practitioner and to the manufacturer of Noble Formula - Ontos, Inc.